10 Free Backyard Chicken Coop Plans (2024)

Getting ready to build your first chicken coop? You’re going to need some good step-by-step instructions to complete the project to your hens liking. These ten free backyard chicken coop plans offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to make you and your chickens happy!

Many of these chicken coop plans even have photos of the project in process, which is really helpful to make sure you’re on track every step of the way. Even with very limited experience in construction, anyone can find success with these backyard chicken coop plans!

If you find a chicken coop you like on this list, simply click the link in the title to take you to the detailed plans and material list for each project. Lovers of DIY projects will have a blast making their own chicken coop and customizing it to their liking! Remember, the plans are just ideas, you can always add more space, a chicken run, or change the decor to your liking!

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1.HGTVChicken Coop

HGTV has free chicken coop plans available, and following this link will lead you right to them!

This adorable coop is not only fancy, it’s easy to build, even for a beginner carpenter!

The flower box outside the window adds a cute touch, and the egg collection box is accessible from outside, which is so convenient! We love that it has a sizeable attached chicken coop run so the hens can go in and out as they please!

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2.Construct 101 Free Chicken Coop Plans

These plans to build a chicken coopshow you how to build an 8×8 chicken coop with an attached chicken run. The plans show how to make the coop step by step and also include a list of materials to buy.

The covered roof on the run is a great addition to these plans, perfect for keeping out rain and snow so your chickens can continue to enjoy the outdoors even in inclement weather.

This one would be a great option for someone looking for coop ideas for a large flock of chickens. We’re most excited about the huge enclosed run and could see some happy chickens spending their days out there!

Get these free chicken coop plans here!

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Construct 101

3.Urban Chicken Coop

If you’re the type who loves step-by-step photographs to go along with instructions, these are the coop plansfor you!

This super simple and very cute chicken house is perfect for a small flock of chickens. You could have a lot of fun customizing your coop with special colors or designs painted on the outside.

If you only have a little space for a small coop and a couple of hens, this is totally the right coop for you!

10 Free Backyard Chicken Coop Plans (4)

The Tangled Nest

4.Modern Farmer Chicken Coop Plans

This chicken coop looks like a gorgeous haven for your birds! We like how Modern Farmer walks you though each step of the process, making it easy even for a beginner to conquer!

The other nice thing about these plans is that they show you how to set up the interior of your chicken coop as well.

Making a plan for where to put the roosts, nesting boxes, feeder and water fount are just as important as building the exterior of the coop!

Find the free plans for this coop on Modern Farmer.

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Modern Farmer

5.Ana White’s Shed Chicken Coop

These free backyard chicken coop plans look fantastic! And Ana White makes it even easier on you because they show you exactly what you need to buy to build your coop. It doesn’t get easier than that!

We love the simplicity of this design. The shed-style coop is made of only a few parts, so there’s less chance of making mistakes.

Another great thing about this coop is the ease of cleaning and collecting eggs! You could easily stand up inside the coop for easy cleaning. The nesting box also opens from the outside, making it very easy to collect your daily fresh eggs!

Find the free plans to this chicken coop on Ana White

6. Barn Geek Chicken Coop Plans

All you need for this coop is lumber, nails, a hammer, and a circular saw, and the finished product is absolutely gorgeous!

We love the natural wood look and the shingled roof. The construction process on this simple design is easy to build, and the fact that it includes a chicken run is even better! If you’re looking for a fully functional chicken coop with the bonus of an attached run and outside access to nesting boxes, you really can’t beat this one!

You can find the plans to this beautiful coop at Barn Geek!

10 Free Backyard Chicken Coop Plans (7)

Barn Geek

7. Live Simply Chicken Coop Plans

This cute little coop would be perfect for an urban flock of backyard birds. If you’re planning to get just a few chickens, this will suit them just fine, as they’ll only need a small chicken coop and a little outdoor space.

We love the adorable design of this coop, and it’s so small you could easily move it if you need to. That’s not something you could say of most chicken coops! Another huge benefit to this cute coop is the easy access nesting boxes! Anytime you can avoid crawling into a tiny coop in search of eggs is a big bonus in our book!

You can find this cute coop at Live Simply.

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Live Simply

8. Countryside Daily Chicken Coop

This super cool coop is a totally unique design that opens up for easier access. This will definitely help for when you need to clean out the coop, because it opens wide for easy cleaning of the nesting boxes and interior.

This coop would be perfect for someone who wants to free range their small flock daily. It’s also nice because it’s quite portable, so if you move, it can move with you!

If you’re looking for plans to build a small but easy to maintain coop, this little one will be perfect!

10 Free Backyard Chicken Coop Plans (9)

Countryside Daily

9. Unbound Roots Chicken Coop Plans

These large chicken coop plans are perfect for those of you looking to get a lot of chickens. Having the ability to go inside the coop and run and fully stand up will make it much easier for cleaning and maintenance.

The maker of this beautiful coop shares lots of photos of the process so you can get a good idea of how to build your own. We like the simplicity of this coop and that it has lots of space for lots of chickens.

You can find the free plans for this coop at Unbound Roots.

10 Free Backyard Chicken Coop Plans (10)

Unbound Roots

10. Lady Goats Free Chicken Coop Plans

Gina over at Lady Goats makes it incredibly easy for you to follow along on her chicken coop building journey. She shows step by step photos and documents the whole process to make it easier for you to make your own!

We love this stylish chicken coop because of the funky design, and that it has an attached garden! You could grow treats for your chickens there or herbs for your kitchen.

The only thing that’s a little worrying about this coop is how it might stand up in bad weather. If you choose this design make sure you put it next to some sort of wind break or anchor it to the ground so it doesn’t tip over in storms!

You can find these plans over at Lady Goats!

But why stop here? There are so many creative and inspirational ideas for trendy chicken coops to be found! With a little thought and planning, you can build your gals a beautiful coop that is safe and highly functional design!

Are you looking for even more information on building a chicken coop? Check out the Ultimate Chicken Coop Guide from our friends at Mile Four, it’s truly ultimate, and beautiful to boot!

10 Free Backyard Chicken Coop Plans (2024)


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