Artificial Flowers: Buy Artificial Flowers for Decoration Online At Best Price (2024)

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Buy Decorative Artificial Flowers Online in India and Elevate Your Space Explore a Wide Range of Artificial Flowers for Home Decoration Artificial Roses Artificial Sun Flower Artificial Orchid Flower Artificial Jasmine Flower Artificial Chrysanthemum Flower Explore Wooden Street's Artificial Flowers Online for Home Decoration Everything you Need to Know the Advantages of Artificial Flowers for Your Home Decor Innovative Tips for Stylish Home Decor with Artificial Flowers Placement on Centre Table Splendid Vase to Complement Hanging Flowers on Balcony Natural Touch to Make It Lively What are the advantages of artificial flowers for decoration? How to maintain decorative artificial flowers? What material looks best in artificial flowers? Ideas to Use Artificial Flowers Online India for Home Decoration Best Tips to Buy Artificial Flowers Online for Your Home Decor Buy Artificial Dry Flowers by Material, Exclusively on WoodenStreet Explore WoodenStreets' Price Range for Stylish and Affordable Home Decor Artificial Flowers Below ₹499: Artificial Flowers Under ₹500 - ₹999: Artificial Flowers Under ₹1,000 - ₹1,499: Artificial Flowers Under ₹1,500 - ₹1,999: Artificial Flowers Under ₹2,000 - ₹2,499: A Curated Collection of Versatile Set Pieces for Every Home ArtificialFlower Brands are Available at Wooden Street Why Buy Artificial or Plastic Flowers Online from Wooden Street? Top Trending Artificial Flowers for Home Decor Artificial Flower Bunch with Large Yellow Flowers with Vase: Camelia Peach Flower Bunch Set of 2: White Alluring Bunch of Real Alike Artificial Flowers - Set of 4: FAQs References

Buy Decorative Artificial Flowers Online in India and Elevate Your Space

Artificial flowers tend to stay with their quality for many more years coming ahead. Artificial flowers for decoration come with numerous colour options, and the design options for decorative flowers for home are so wide that it can matches well with the interior of the abode. When you intend to buy artificial flowers online, then you may come across many such exclusive patterns which can surely add to the enchanting look of the abode.

The blossoms of plastic flowers for decoration will never fail to impress with their beauty. If you find it hard to maintain the flowers in your home because of lack of time, then artificial flowers for vase are forged with a material that can be blooming all-time with instant cleaning. All you need to do is just wipe a cloth over it and with the buzzing dust, you can get back the look of the artificial plants and flowers.

Beautiful your space with plastic flowers for decoration online at our store are stunning and fresh. We provide you the high quality artificial flowers at affordable price. The crisp looks of artificial flowers make your abode colorful, unique, and fresh. Place these best faux flowers online at different places and create an aesthetic appeal with different colors and shades in the ambiance.

The charm and grace in these artificial flower decorations can’t be ignored, and are not replaceable with anything else. These artificial flowers online at Wooden Street make your home fresh, vibrant, and graceful with their beauty.

Explore a Wide Range of Artificial Flowers for Home Decoration

Artificial flowers for home decor can be matched and mixed in several contrasts so that the looks of these are paired amazingly. With white artificial flowers, you can pair pink, or a brighter hue with a vibrant one; with such combinations in plastic flowers for decoration, you will have an amazing decor theme to invite in your ambiance. Artificial flowers for Flower vases over the side and end table or the bedside table will add an extremely enchanted appeal in the abode.

With fewer accessories but noticeable features like that of these flowers, you can surely be the master of beautiful interior decor. Artificial flowers decoration add over a gleaming texture with the least effort. Shop for an extensive range of artificial flowers online for something that you will love to cherish forever.

Place these artificial flowers at different places and create an aesthetic appeal with different colors and shades in the ambiance. The charm and grace in these artificial flowers can’t be ignored, and are not replaceable with anything else. These artificial flowers online at Wooden Street make your home fresh, vibrant, and graceful with their beauty. Have look at the varieties available:

Artificial Roses

Artificial roses adorn the interiors of your home in no time. These can be paired with any other colors of the artificial flowers and can work wonders. You can find a variety of artificial flowers for decoration at Wooden Street at the best prices.

Artificial Sun Flower

Artificial sunflower symbolizes royalty and are well-known for being a happy flower. This is considered to be the perfect bloom for the summer season and brighten up the aura in no time.

Artificial Orchid Flower

Artficial orchid flowers represent luxury, love and strength. These also paired with other plastic flowers offers the much-required wow factor to the space. You can shop for the best one from the wide variety of artificial flowers for decoration online.

Artificial Jasmine Flower

Artficial jasmine flower defines eternal love and beauty. Moreover, these pure white blossoms also symbolize purity. Whether you want to pair it up with some other plastic flowers or use it individually, it works well in every sense.

Artificial Chrysanthemum Flower

Chrysanthemum artificial flowers and plants for decoration blossom up in a varied shades ranging from colors like white, yellow, to orange, lavender, purple, or red. We have the finest range in this kind of high-quality artificial flowers for home.

Explore Wooden Street's Artificial Flowers Online for Home Decoration

When it’s time to say a sad goodbye to the season of Monsoon, why not say a happy hello to the Autumn with beautiful artificial flowers online from Wooden Street?Along with the artificial flowers for decoration, Wooden Street also features a huge collection of other home decor which includes wall hangings, figurines, wall art etc.

Beauty with durability are the keynote features of our home decor collection and so is delivered by these plastic flowers and bunch. The beautiful colours of artificial flowers for decoration will complement your interiors amazingly. Each of our fake flowers looks inevitably premium, thus creating an optimistic ambiance in the interiors and even exteriors of your house. So, wait no more, instead, pick from our latest and astounding fake flowers online to enhance the overall structure of your home.

Everything you Need to Know the Advantages of Artificial Flowers for Your Home Decor

Before a person could actually think about executing the idea, challenges regarding it began to rumble in his mind. Because of some issues, an individual forgets the idea of doing something extraordinary and new. Take, for instance, using flowers for decorating the home. The flowers get easily welted, require a lot of caring and many other things line.

  1. Artificial plants and flowers require no special care or worry about wilting.
  2. These artificial flowersplantshave a longer lifespan than real ones.
  3. Opting for artificial flowers is a budget-friendly choice compared to real blooms.
  4. High-quality artificial plants and flowers look remarkably similar to their genuine counterparts.
  5. Artificial plants and flowers won't attract pests or insects, keeping your space bug-free.

Innovative Tips for Stylish Home Decor with Artificial Flowers

Are you running short of ideas to decorate your home with artificial flowers? If yes, then there are some suggestions provided below through which a pleasant and majestic look could be created at home through the product as mentioned above.

Apart from those you could also fashion something on your own yourself which is to your taste. Remember the place and how you place plastic flowers matters as these things affect how the overall appearance would look. Now turn to explore decoration ideas where you could incorporate the former product.

Placement on Centre Table

Buy artificial flowers online like tiger orchids and place them in the mid of the centre table of your living room. Guests and friends who come to visit you would surely catch its sight while sitting around the table. The bunch would pass round its majesty to things set near it. What is more, if the flower's colour is in perfect contrast to the furniture around it, then the look of the space would multiply hundred times.

Splendid Vase to Complement

Are you planning to use artificial flowers for home decoration? If yes is your answer, then do not miss out on finding the product a suitable and befitting friend that would add stars to its magnificence. Alone flowers could not attract the attention of the guests, so a well-crafted and designer vase would be fine to bring the eyes of people towards the duo. Just the way honey gets bees around itself.

Hanging Flowers on Balcony

The balcony is both an external and internal part of your home, so whatever you do to beautify it will be visible to your neighbors. It is both a danger and an opportunity for you. Opportunity because it gives you a chance to create a positive impression in front of neighbors. But it is also a danger because if you fail to grab the opportunity or make a mistake, a vice-versa of the scenario mentioned overhead could happen.

You could put artificial flowers for decoration in hanging pots and could hover them on the forefront of your balcony. The way the whole look comes out would be fantastic.

Natural Touch to Make It Lively

Even if you are using artificial flowers for home decoration, the fear would be in your mind that your guests might not like them just because they are synthetic and not natural. Well, you could settle this problem by adding a bit of naturalness to the product. Sand and pebbles made of marble could make them appear genuine.

What are the advantages of artificial flowers for decoration?

When it comes to décor, adding a little bit of nature can make any area feel like a lively retreat. Artificial flower plants have become a popular fix, offering the beauty of flowers without the trouble of upkeep.

Endless Beauty: Artificial flower plants have an everlasting attractiveness, which is one of its main benefits. Artificial flowers preserve their vivid colours and fresh appearance longer than genuine flowers, which wilt with time and leave a lasting visual impact.

Minimum Upkeep: In contrast to their real counterparts, artificial flower plants require less maintenance. Due to their lack of requirements for water, sunlight, or particular environmental factors, they are a great option for people who lead busy lives or have limited access to natural light.

Availability All Year Round: No matter the season, take pleasure in your favorite flowers all year long. You may use artificial flowers to decorate your home with your favorite blooms year-round because they are a steady and dependable source of floral beauty.

Free of Allergies: For those who are allergic to pollen or strong fragrances, fake flowers provide a hypoallergenic substitute. They are appropriate for a variety of settings and convey the joy of flower arrangements without causing allergic responses.

Flexibility in Design: Since artificial flowers are available in a wide range of hues, forms, and sizes, designers are spoiled for choice. Artificial flower arrangements can be styled to fit any theme or taste, whether you prefer modern or classic arrangements.

How to maintain decorative artificial flowers?

Artificial flowers are easy and simple to maintain and take care of, all you need to do is regularly follow cleaning tips, such as

Regular Dusting: The appearance of fake flowers might be dulled by dust accumulation. To keep your artificial flowers appearing fresh, gently dust them on a regular basis with a soft brush or a can of compressed air.

Gentle Cleaning: If you need to do more for your artificial flowers than just dust them, use a solution of mild soap and water. After carefully wiping the petals with a towel or sponge dipped in soapy water, let them air dry. Steer clear of powerful chemicals since they can harm the fabric or colors.

Steer clear of direct sunlight: Artificial flowers may fade with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. To keep their vivid hues over time, place them somewhere they won't be exposed to direct sunlight.

Reshaping and fluffing: Artificial flowers online get deformed over time. Gently reshape the petals and leaves to their natural appearance. Your artificial flower arrangements' overall appearance can be refreshed with this easy technique.

What material looks best in artificial flowers?

Artificial flower arrangements are mostly determined by the materials used, and each material adds a special beauty of its own to the design. Silk flowers bear a striking resemblance to their natural counterparts, with an opulent texture.

Bright and long-lasting blooms are guaranteed with polyester flowers, which have a smooth, resilient surface. Because they are malleable and lightweight, foam flowers lend themselves to detailed detailing, which results in a delicate and natural look. Plastic flowers offer a reasonably priced yet lovely alternative that is versatile in design.

The ideal material ultimately comes down to how the artificial flowers are supposed to look, feel, and function in relation to the overall design.

Ideas to Use Artificial Flowers Online India for Home Decoration

Centrepieces for tables: To create beautiful table centrepieces, arrange artificial flowers in a vase or attractive dish. Combine different hues and types to fit the season or your interior design.

Wall Décor: Arrange faux flowers in a pretty frame or affix them to a wooden board to create a lovely wall hanging. This gives your walls a hint of nature without requiring any upkeep.

Floating Flower Bowls: For an airy, floating impression, arrange artificial flowers in transparent bowls or vases filled with water. Any area is made more peaceful by this layout, but bedrooms and bathrooms notably benefit from it.

Decor for Bookshelves: Add artificial flowers to your bookshelves to add some natural elements and a splash of color. For a striking presentation, pair them with books, candles, and other objects.

Table Settings: You may make your mealtime experience more enjoyable by arranging your tables with artificial flowers with vase. To create a cozy and romantic ambience, arrange them in attractive containers or scatter petals all over the table.

Casem*nts for Windows: Fill window boxes with faux flowers to create a quaint and inviting façade. This gives the outside of your house a splash of color and works great for both interior and outdoor windows.

Best Tips to Buy Artificial Flowers Online for Your Home Decor

A variety of variables must be taken into account when choosing the ideal artificial dry flowers for your home decor to make sure they go well with your style and area. To help you make the best decisions, consider the following advice:

Think about the theme of your home decor:

Think about the overall theme of your decor before selecting artificial dry flowers. Pick flowers that complement the general design of your house, whether it be modern, rustic, or eclectic.

Select High-Grade Materials:

Choose silk-felted online artificial flowers instead of cheaper imitations. Make sure the textures and colors closely resemble the appearance of real dried flowers by looking for authentic ones.

Consider the scale and size:

Consider the artificial flowers' scale and size in relation to your room. Smaller flowers might provide subtle accents in different places, while larger arrangements might make great statement pieces.

Select classic styles:

Choose artificial flowers home decor in traditional and timeless styles. This guarantees that, even as trends change over time, your decor will stay fashionable and current.

Combine different textures:

Combine artificial flowers with varying textures to create visual appeal. Add depth and richness to your arrangements by using a variety of blooms or mixing silk flowers with dried materials.

Factor in natural light:

Remember about the natural light coming into your house? Examine how some artificial flowers seem in both artificial and natural light, as some may seem more realistic in particular lighting scenarios.

Think about maintenance:

Artificial flowers only need a little upkeep, but think about how much you're willing to give them. To maintain their brilliant and new appearance, dust them frequently.

Personalize your arrangements:

Never be afraid to add special touches to your arrangements, like ribbons, elegant vases, or other embellishments that go well with your own taste.

Buy Artificial Dry Flowers by Material, Exclusively on WoodenStreet

Bring life to your living areas with online artificial flowers made from high-quality materials that are carefully chosen to improve the visual attractiveness of your house. Discover WoodenStreet's exquisite blend of robust craftsmanship and beauty inspired by nature.

Plastic Artificial Dry Flowers:

Artificial flowers can have a realistic texture and appearance thanks to plastic, which is both affordable and durable. Because of its adaptability, it can have elaborate detailing and vivid hues that resemble real flowers.

Polyester Artificial Flowers:

Polyester is a common material for artificial flowers because of its smooth, soft texture. It provides a realistic feel and is wrinkle-resistant, so flower arrangements keep their beauty and grace over time.

Resin Artificial Flowers:

If you want artificial flowers for decoration, resin offers a robust and lifelike feels. Its adaptability makes it ideal for crafting delicate and realistic floral arrangements because it can accommodate complex patterns and fine details.

Foam Artificial Flowers:

Foam is a malleable and lightweight material that is frequently used to create fake flowers with detailed forms and details. Foam is the material of choice for realistic floral arrangements since it provides a genuine appearance and touch.

Rubber Artificial Flowers:

Rubber is a tough substance that provides fake flowers with flexibility and longevity. It is very well suited for creating botanical features that need to be realistic-looking and durable.

Ceramic Artificial Flowers:

For artificial flowers, ceramic offers a distinctive and sophisticated alternative. Because fake flowers transcend their natural fragility, they can have delicate appearances and creative designs that elevate floral arrangements to a sophisticated level.

Silk PU Artificial Flowers:

A premium material called PU silk, or polyurethane silk, combines the resilience of plastic with the softness of silk. It ensures an opulent and realistic sensation in artificial arrangements by imitating the silky texture of actual flower petals.

Explore WoodenStreets' Price Range for Stylish and Affordable Home Decor

At WoodenStreets, we believe in making home decor accessible to anyone. Shop for cheap artificial flowers online, that bring your concept to reality without sacrificing quality or style.

Artificial Flowers Below ₹499:

Shop for affordable decor and accessories starting at ₹499. Affordable, attractive, and ideal for bringing a bit of charm to your home.

Artificial Flowers Under ₹500 - ₹999:

Find high-quality products priced between ₹500 and ₹999. Find attractive and long-lasting things that will enhance your home decor while remaining within your budget.

Artificial Flowers Under ₹1,000 - ₹1,499:

Step into a collection that combines price and excellence. Discover affordable solutions for enhancing your living areas, ranging from ₹1,000 to ₹1,499.

Artificial Flowers Under ₹1,500 - ₹1,999:

Upgrade your decor with pieces priced between ₹1,500 to ₹1,999. Discover a collection that strikes the ideal balance of style and affordability.

Artificial Flowers Under ₹2,000 - ₹2,499:

Discover our carefully picked selection of premium items priced between ₹2,000 and ₹2,499. Elevate your house with high-quality furnishings that are both stylish and durable.

A Curated Collection of Versatile Set Pieces for Every Home

We present an outstanding variety of set pieces that will boost your home's decor. Each set is expertly designed to create a coherent and elegant combination for a variety of living settings. Let us look at the adaptability and charm of our set pieces.

1 Piece Artificial Flowers: Ideal for creating a focal point or adding a statement item to your décor. Perfect for folks who value simplicity and want a single, striking element.

Artificial Flowers Set of 2 Pieces:A beautiful combination that creates equilibrium in your design. To achieve a coherent appearance, use them to frame a space, garnish a mantel, or compliment larger furniture items.

Artificial Flowers Set of 3 Pieces: Make a visually appealing trio that incorporates symmetry and depth. This set seamlessly complements tabletops, shelves, or walls.

Artificial Flowers Set of 4 Pieces: A versatile set for creating a well-rounded decorating motif. Use these pieces to create a theme or spread them throughout your home for a consistent look.

Artificial Flowers Set of 5 Pieces: A 5-piece set is balanced and thorough, and it allows for flexible setup. Ideal artificial flowers for decoration in larger settings or distributing elements over multiple rooms.

Artificial Flowers Set of 6 Pieces: Ideal for creating a coherent theme throughout a room. Arrange these pieces to make a story, or strategically disperse them for a cohesive decor look.

Artificial Flowers Set of 7 Pieces: The lucky number 7 adds a sense of completion to your decor. Use these pieces to bring elegance and charm to various areas of your home.

Artificial Flowers Set of 8 Pieces: A well-rounded selection that will add value to your home. Ideal for individuals who want to add a touch of refinement to multiple locations while maintaining a coherent design.

Artificial Flowers Set of 10 Pieces: A fantastic combination for folks who value symmetry and balance. Ideal for larger areas or as a complete design solution for many rooms.

Artificial Flowers Set of 12 Pieces: A complete set that provides a comprehensive option for decorating a room or perhaps the entire house. Suitable for those who appreciate a coordinated and coherent appearance.

Artificial Flowers Set of 15 Pieces: Perfect for those who enjoy diversity and wish to incorporate diverse components into their décor. This package allows you to construct dynamic, visually appealing layouts.

Artificial Flowers Set of 20 Pieces: A big selection for those who enjoy opulent and luxurious design. Ideal for creating a sumptuous and harmonious ambience in larger living areas.

Explore WoodenStreets' broad collection of online artificial flowers set pieces, each carefully created to suit a variety of tastes and styles. Elevate your home decor with our carefully designed sets, which elegantly transform your living areas into fashionable havens.

ArtificialFlower Brands are Available at Wooden Street

Explore Wooden Street's incredible selection of lifelike artificial plants and fake flowers, sourced from top-tier premium brands, for a touch of natural beauty that lasts.

  1. Earthy Homes
  2. Fourwalls
  3. A Vintage Affair
  4. Foliyaj
  5. Tayhaa

The diverse range of meticulously crafted fake flowers from various top-notch brands. These stunningly beautiful and highly realistic blooms are designed to seamlessly blend into any corner of your home, adding a touch of elegance and beauty.

Why Buy Artificial or Plastic Flowers Online from Wooden Street?

Wooden Street has a wonderful collection of artificial flowers for vase and or you can buy artificial flower online in various colours. Here, you can find these uber-chic flowers for decoration of your home which will make your home a better place in an economical price range. The beautiful designs and top-notch quality of the artificial flowers make Wooden Street, the ideal shopping place to buy plastic flowers online in India. Check out the benefits of why you should buy artificial flowers for decoration from WoodenStreet.

  • Ease & Convenience: While buying an artificial flower online for home, you can choose whatever design or color you want. All the available options in decorative flowers for home are at your fingertips. Moreover, the payment options are also very smooth and hassle-free.
  • Express Delivery: Another good reason to buy artificial flower for decoration is the super-fast delivery at your doorstep. You can expect an express delivery from WoodenStreet.
  • Easy Maintenance: One of the best things in buying artificial flowers for home decoration online is that they are easy to maintain. We provide you with the finest quality of artificial flowers online which are so easy to maintain and care that all you need to do is just clean it with a soft cloth and the flowers will remain glossy and ever shine.
  • Exclusive Discounts & Offers: We also offer occasional discounts and offers to our customers so that they have a great online shopping experience with us. This includes free installation services for products at home, easy return policy, low-cost EMIs and 24 X 7 customer care support for any queries.

Top Trending Artificial Flowers for Home Decor

After checking the variety of plastic flowersonline, you are almost ready to select your favourite design. But, to help you out, we here bring you some of the best-selling artificial flowersonline:

Artificial Flower Bunch with Large Yellow Flowers with Vase:

The artificial flower bunch with large yellow flowers with vase offers a beautiful look. This flower pot with artificial flower is a popular choice because it offers elegance at its best. It is available exclusively on our online store.

Camelia Peach Flower Bunch Set of 2:

It is true that plastic flowers instantly change the appearance of the space. This white artificial flowers are there to provide a subtle and soft look to the interiors. You can browse through the more color options in this artificial flower bunch.

White Alluring Bunch of Real Alike Artificial Flowers - Set of 4:

As the name implies, this type of artificial flowers in vase appears like a real one. Due to its beautiful aesthetics and appearance, it proffers a touch of soothing ness and purity. And, it is one of the great reasons why this artificial flowers for decoration are among the most popular choices of people.

Also, check out our unique collection of decoration items,

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Artificial Flowers: Buy Artificial Flowers for Decoration Online At Best Price (2024)


What kind of artificial flowers look the most realistic? ›

The most realistic flowers are those made from high-quality materials like silk, polyester, and foam. While each material has its advantages, polyester fabric achieves the most lifelike appearance. We offer a range of polyester flowers including dahlias, tulips, and peonies.

How do you make cheap fake flowers look good? ›

Try any of these:
  1. Trim the stems. Just a little bit of trimming can make a huge impact on a living look. ...
  2. Throw in a real flower. Mixing fake and real flowers is a fun trick that will go over most people's heads, every time. ...
  3. Opt for wired stems. ...
  4. Try before you buy.

How do I make a cheap bunch of flowers look expensive? ›

The best way to make a bouquet look expensive is to mix different kinds of flowers together. Try arranging it so you have a consistent mix of smaller buds, larger focal blooms, and plenty of greenery to frame them.

What has happened to peony flowers? ›

The Peony Shop is temporarily closed for refurbishment and will re-open early 2024. Please check this page regularly or sign up to our database for news of our re-opening date.

Are there fake flowers that look real? ›

The best quality fake flowers, and I was a florist who only worked in artificial flowers for 12 years, are 'real touch' flowers. Real touch is like a latex/foam mix it's super realistic in its look, feels like it's real, even moves like it's real.

What to look for when buying artificial flowers? ›

There are some basic tips to use when buying silk or artificial flowers to ensure you are getting high-quality and realistic looking blooms: Silk flowers of higher quality usually have wires throughout the stems, leaves and flower petals. This allows them to be arranged in a more lifelike way.

Is it OK to decorate with fake flowers? ›

No matter the season or occasion, decorating with flowers is one of the best ways to brighten up a room. If your favorites are out of season, you can still create a beautiful floral display by combining fresh and artificial flowers.

How to buy flowers cheaply? ›

Our top 5 tips to buy flowers on a budget
  1. Comparing Prices. Although sometimes it's a little extra hassle, contacting or researching a few different businesses can easily save you some extra pennies. ...
  2. End of the month purchase. ...
  3. Get Creative – think of the vase! ...
  4. Your choice of flower. ...
  5. Buy them a plant!

How do you make fake flowers not look tacky? ›

Check For Dust

The biggest threat in terms of realism for artificial flowers is dust. Any sort of dust cover will make flowers look tacky. If your flowers have been in storage for some time, be sure to run over them with a microfiber cloth.

Which flower are cheaper? ›

Carnations - Available in a variety of bright, cheerful colors, carnations are budget-friendly flowers that look beautiful on their own or as part of a mixed bouquet. They also last a long time. Daisies - Daisies are a classic flower that tend to be inexpensive year-round.

Why do pink peonies turn white? ›

The truth is that peony plants don't change in bloom color, but they do seed, and the seedlings often will bloom a different color. As peonies grow and expand, it's easy to confuse the parent plant with some of the new volunteers that come along.

Why are there no blue peonies? ›

Peonies come in every color but blue. This is because there is no true blue pigment in plants.

Why are peony flowers expensive? ›

”Field grown peonies take around three years to yield any commercially viable production. Purely from a growers perspective, peonies are a long term crop. Anyone getting into it has to be willing and able to set aside the acreage for a minimum of around 10 years.

Are faux flowers out of style? ›

It has taken artificial flowers years to throw off the less-than-luxury associations that 'fake' often denotes – in other words, budget-friendly, bad quality and just a little bit naff. But these days, faux flowers are everything but, thanks to new, high-fashion makers and elevated craftsmanship.

Are silk flowers realistic? ›

Silk flowers are artificial versions of the natural flowering thing. Because fake flowers were originally fabricated from fine luxurious silks, the name “silk flowers” proceeds their ancient history. Today, artificial flowers allow for a stress-free alternative to the real deal.

What is the difference between silk and real touch flowers? ›

Real Touch are an artificial flower that are very realistic both in look and feel. They are made out of a latex type polymer and are not silk. High quality Real Touch flowers are made from the polymer being poured into a mould so that they take on the veining and shape of real flowers.

What is the best material for fake flowers? ›

Polyester. Polyester fabric is used to produce most artificial flowers today. Manufacturers usually dye, cut, and assemble these by hand to recreate the shape and texture of real blooms. The material is also quite malleable.


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