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How to Go to the Restaurant With a Small Child?

When the baby comes, the adult’s everyday life changes—very often, parents’ favorite ways to relax and entertain collapse, as the thought of a baby in a restaurant is unsettling. At least, parents think so. Or is it not true?

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Of course, if you want to go to cafes, not all of them are convenient to be there with children. But it doesn’t mean that these places are completely unavailable for you.

The main things are A) to prepare correctly; B) to get rid of unnecessary worries about this.

How to prepare?

  • When choosing a place for eating out with a baby, consider whether the child likes noisy places, or whether they’ll be scared. Maybe, you should choose a place with fewer people.
  • Don’t go to a restaurant if it’s near the child’s normal bedtime. They will be too erratic!
  • Of course, a “family” restaurant would be ideal for a baby’s diner, with a children’s menu and a children’s area. Check beforehand what the restaurant has for children. There are also cafes where you can ask for a children’s menu, a child’s seat, a children’s corner to play, or some other entertainment for children like colors and pencils.

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  • Take away everything that can be dangerous for the child: knives, wine glasses. Such items are not toys that the child should play with while you are waiting for the dishes to be served.
  • While taking the baby to a restaurant, take a bag with necessary things: waterproof napkins, wet wipes, a child’s spoon, and fork, water, changeable diapers, and, of course, toys. These items will only be necessary if your child still needs them.

How to behave in the restaurant?

This is directed to the parents and how they can survive the outing.

Sit closer to the exit. So, if something goes wrong, you can quickly leave the restaurant.

Don’t let the child walk around the restaurant alone and talk to other visitors: remember that you have to respect the other guests and their right to enjoy the meal without interruption!

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If the baby’s too small for the restaurant’s high chair don’t put the child on your knees if they can sit on their own. As a rule, every restaurant has a child’s seat. Otherwise, your chances of leaving the restaurant clean tend to be zero.

Don’t panic if the child starts crying, and you need to leave. Also, don’t shout at the child. A new place can cause stress, and it’s normal. If you cannot calm the child down, just leave the restaurant. Next time everything will be alright! Just get prepared for each visit to the restaurant.

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When the child is older, say 2 or 3 years old, you can explain to them how to behave in restaurants. Watch their behavior at the table not only in public places but also at home. The child must know that it’s forbidden to sit under the table, to throw food, or to get in the dishes of others. Then you will have fewer reasons to blush for them in society!

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How to Take Your Baby to a Restaurant for a Calm Diner? (2024)


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